It seems every year around this time, I consider reviving my personal web page. Why I do this, I have no clue. I guess it is because I do not entirely trust social networks and also because there are so many of them. Or it is because I like to maintain at least some control by providing my own information hub about myself. Or perhaps it is simply to try out things.

Whatever the reason, this is the latest iteration.

I’m not too worried with formatting, so I’m starting out with the Minima theme with only small modifications. It’s also a good opportunity to re-familiarize myself with GitHub Actions. A simple workflow is now building the site and deploying it. Thanks to lemonarc’s Jekyll action and Kevin Painchaud’s simple-ftp-deploy-action, as well as of course the Jekyll maintainers. It’s a really neat and slim tool for creating static web sites like this one.